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93 Unleaded


Coastal – R22.07
Inland – R22.86

95 Unleaded


Coastal – R22.47
Inland – R23.26

Diesel 50ppm

(Wholesale list price)

Coastal – R20.1157
Inland – R20.9057

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Viva is a 100% subsidiary of the Royale Energy Group of Companies – the largest non-refining wholesaler in South Africa

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Viva is a proudly South African fuel retail brand who is 100% owned by Royale Energy (Pty) Ltd, the largest privately owned oil company in South Africa boasting a BBBEE Level 4 status.

The Viva brand has been purpose-designed to release the essence of the true meaning of the word “Viva” which is perpetuity, success and elation. The Viva brand has been carefully crafted to ensure an attractive eye-catching design with mass appeal that is easy, yet cost effective, to implement.

The ever expanding Viva network currently comprises 56 operational filling stations.

Vision, Commitment and Values

The vision of Viva is to proudly change the nature of the South African fuel industry, one service station at a time, and the mission is to be driven by excellence.

Viva is committed to deliver a service station concept that is based on true partnership principles that revolutionizes the industry in a personal, yet meaningful way and ultimately adds real business value to its customers and stakeholders.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of  the Royale Energy Group, Viva embodies the same core values of the group which are integrity, innovation, agility, diversity and embracing the spirit of ubuntu.


Royale currently operates a depot infrastructure strategically located and supplies all of Viva’s fuel requirements. Viva’s volumes are distributed through well-planned routes and has access to the Royale Group’s Terminal storage facilities which have a capacity of 27 million litres located on the NMPP pipeline at Langlaagte (Gauteng) and Klerksdorp (North West).

Viva’s distribution is serviced by Freightcor Logistic Solutions, who specialises in transportation of petroleum products. Freightcor is 100% owned by the Royale Energy Group and has a hands-on approach to business. It is involved in all aspects and stages of the distribution process which entails the transportation of fuel from Royale’s inland terminals and depots to retail outlets.



Viva filling stations sell:

• 93 ULP
• 95 ULP
• 50 ppm diesel
• 10 ppm diesel

Viva supplies product from Sasol, Total and Engen.

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Frequently Asked

Does Viva have any Franchise filling stations available?
Availability of sites vary from time to time. Please contact Viva’s office at
012 361 0110 for enquiries.
What is the average volume pumped through Viva sites?

Amongst the Viva network there are 10 service stations pumping on average between 3 million and 9 million litres per annum. The flagship, Viva Mams Mall, sells in excess of 850,000 litres per month.

Did rebranding to Viva affect volume throughput?

Yes, Viva has never taken over an existing filling station where the volume did not increase. All Viva branded sites within the network, have seen a marked increase in volume throughput following the branding to Viva. All new site developments and certain key sites have the new Viva branding, which adds significantly to the customer service experience.

What kind of deals are on offer?

The Viva model is flexible and is structured around specific customers’ needs and requirements. Viva prefers the development of a modern designed forecourt in conjuction with an OK Express / OK Mini Mark convenience offering. 

The two most common types of transactions are:

Viva Develops The Property: This is subject to very specific criteria that must be met and the transaction will be negotiated as per site requirement.

Property Owner Develops: This is the ideal transaction as it places the landlord/owner in the best possible financial position and ensures complete control of the asset. Viva partners with the owner and deals are structured based on a supply and rebate basis. Viva can contribute to the supply and installation of pumps and tanks, canopy and the forecourt control system if required.

Who pays for branding?

Site branding and branding maintenance costs are entirely for Viva’s account and comprise a branded main identity sign (pylon), canopy column product signage, shop/convenience store signage, painting of canopy facias, illuminated key lines, and all stickers and identification decals for pump equipment.

What is the Viva contract duration?

This is subject to the size of the investment made by Viva, but normally it is a standard 10-year contract with the option to renew for 5 + 5 years. This is however negotiable and Viva will consider other options.

For investors

Service Station Model

New Site Developments

Suitable sites that have been earmarked for flagship filling stations are carefully selected following an extensive feasibility study and market research process.

New site developments that are compliant with the necessary criteria will be built according to Viva’s flagship blueprint. The development costs associated with a Viva flagship filling station is approximately 20% less than that of any major brand development.

Rebranding Existing Sites

Viva has had great success with re-branding existing filling stations to Viva. This process is applicable to branded sites that are no longer contractually bound by other oil companies as well as to non-branded or “white” sites in urban and rural areas.

The minimum requirement for re-branding a filling station is an average pump volume in excess of 150 000 litres per month.

Rebate Structure

The Viva rebate structure is designed to significantly enhance the profit margin of a filling station. This, coupled with full owner-control of the filling station, makes Viva an attractive company to partner with. Viva’s agreement gives the filling station owner the freedom to operate their filling station businesses according to their unique business plans.

The owner operates with the autonomy of a “unbranded or white site” while enjoying the benefits of being a part of a national brand. The Viva model encourages full owner control and favours equipment and asset ownership, with the exception of all Viva signage.

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